Glass is Better for Your Health. You can Taste the Difference.

There is a reason we all keep glasses in our home and use them every day. Glass is a natural material that has been used by humans for several thousand years. Unlike plastic and coated metal containers, glass does not off-gas or leach harmful chemicals. The smooth and non-porous property of glass makes it the ideal choice to savor any beverage.These same attributes prevent bacteria and food residue from collecting and absorbing into the walls, as they do in other containers.

Geode is a protective case, designed to seal the opening of a pint sized glass, making it easy to take on the go. Geode offers an alternative to storing bulky and mismatched containers that often consume valuable space in our cupboards. The interchangeable glass design makes it quick and easy to swap a dirty glass for a clean one.

The idea came to me one day when I was mixing a protein shake. It was already mixed in a glass when I realized I had to run out the door. I thought to myself, it would be ideal to simply put a lid on my glass and go. I looked to my second option. It was a plastic bottle, clean, yet for some reason, still smelled like spoiled protein shake from the last time I used it. So, began our mission to create a sustainable and easy to clean beverage container that fits seamlessly into our daily routine.