Geode is a Protective Case that Transforms a Glass into a Travel Vessel.

Have you ever grabbed a glass from your cupboard, prepared a beverage, and realized you have somewhere to go? We love drinking from glasses, yet they are seldom the best option for traveling, because they are fragile and prone to spill.

GeodeGlassGeode solves these problems by sealing and protecting your glass, allowing you to bring it anywhere. The name Geode comes from a volcanic rock structure that is often rough and rugged on the outside, but contains a colorful array of crystals on the inside.

Geode’s simple yet innovative seal is made between the lid, glass, and sleeve. When designing the case, we chose aesthetics that would complement the shape of the glass. Geode’s plastic case is over molded with two materials.  A durable and light weight  plastic gives the case its toughness and rigidity. Soft silicone rubber is molded over the hard plastic to provide grip and a soft touch. Geode is great for both hot and cold beverages. The case functions as a barrier to reduce the transfer of heat and also collects condensation. Mechanical suspension inside the case is impact absorbing and helps to protect the glass.

Geode’s versatile design provides three convenient options for drinking. Pull the plug’s tab and rotate it to the side to access the wide sport style mouth opening. Unplugging a second smaller hole, at the center of the lid, allows you to insert and drink from a straw. If you prefer to drink directly from the glass, you can remove the lid completely. There is enough glass exposed so your lips won’t touch the threads and you won’t be drinking from plastic.